We shape our buildings; thereafter, our buildings shape us.
Sir Winston Churchill

Our experience and knowledge comes from hands on restoration and consulting on some of the finest properties in our region and far away. It was 1989 when one of our founders started his first restoration project working on a Jacobean property. Since then our projects have included complete string survey and full restoration of a badly damaged C17 parlour wing on a grade II former medieval hall to restoration of a badly damaged listed property following a major fire. Our core competency is traditional carpentry including green and seasoned hardwoods with skilled craftsman but we are not limited with traditional plaster, infill and stone masonry to name a few more.

Grade II Listed Parlour Wing

Badly neglected timber frame requiring complete restoration. Initial string survey and material analysis carried out. Line drawings were created and a detailed timber plan drawn up. Modern brick infills were removed and each timber was numbered accessed inset and where necessary carefully removed for repair or reinstatement. All carpentry was carried out onsite with traditional hand tools. Over 87% of the original frame was repaired rather than replaced.
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Grade II Listed Farm House

Reinstatement of close timber frame, original porch and windows
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Terracotta inset stone

During rebuild of a London landmark the original terracotta insets (removed 20 years previously) were cleaned and reinstalled. Cleaning was by an in-house biodegradable formulation. No high pressure water system was used and they remained on the transport pallet throughout the cleaning process.
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Traditional Blacksmith repairs to damaged truss

Rather than replacing the truss, a traditional onsite forge was used to fabricate a stirrup strap complete with hand forged bolts. Saving this Tewksbury truss and reinstating structural integrity.
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Our in-house specialist services include XRF analysis, 3D survey systems, site investigations included GPR for void / hidden foundation location or finding lost treasures and history of your home. You see we are not simply another restoration builder but passionate artisans in our mission to save and restore our Countries rich heritage, one building at a time…

In-house Laboratory Services

From analysis of potential hazardous materials to creation and blending of traditional stains. We have it covered using state of the art analytical equipment to vegetable dye extraction and development of bespoke organic based poultices.
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Traditional Hand Finishing

Gold leaf to french polishing, we are able to provide a full service to match existing finishes, blending new to the old.
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International knowledge and skills

The team have worked all over the globe from restorations in the French apps to learning traditional building skills in East Africa. We have a passion for tradition no matter where.
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Detailed Planning

We provide traditional string survey to latest 3D scanning techniques. The restoration of a building requires detailed planning and careful record keeping throughout the project. All our services are in-house at every stage of the restoration.
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